Valuable and sensible to both property owners and renters. Converts existing tenants and allows return of security deposit.
With Return to Renter’s insurance, renters’ interests are included and property owners or managers may submit claims directly.

The Benefits Of Getting Return To Renter

This innovative solution is perfect for busy property managers who want to save time and cut out administration work while still giving great consideration to their tenants.

The property owner or manager returns cash deposits to tenants by converting tenants to Deposit Plus+.

This is possible because we offer an annual premium of up to 25% of one month's rent, allowing you to return the renter's security deposit.

Get Return To Renter and enjoy the following benefits:

How Return To Renter Can Help You

We offer an Annual Premium of up to 25% of one month's rent.

Tenants have the choice to accept a Return To Renter Insurance.

With our policy, you'll receive 50% more coverage than a traditional security deposit insurance.

In the event of damages, our claims process is quick and easy, with most claims being handled in less than two weeks.

Underwritten by an A-Rated Admitted Insurance carrier, backed by State Guaranty Funds. Non-admitted, surplus lines for those in New York, Washington, and Florida.

Insurance product, not a Surety Bond.

What Is Return To Renter?

Every year, tenants lose billions of dollars to property owners and managers in security deposits. That's where Return To Renter comes in - an opportunity for both renters and property owners or managers to get the benefits they deserve.

Like our typical Deposit Plus+, this is a tenant-paid annual premium worth up to 25% of one month’s rent. Deposit Plus+ Return To Renter allows property owners and managers to convert their tenants and return their security deposits.

Renters may choose to apply for our Return To Renter’s insurance, and in return, property owners or managers get Deposit Plus+ insurance coverage which provides greater protection than the traditional cash deposit!

The rental unit must be of pristine condition, and free of damage and breakage that could prevent it from being used as agreed upon in the contract between both parties.