How Deposit Plus+ Can Help You

Provides property-owner or manager with better protection than a traditional security deposit.

Less administrative work-collecting, maintaining, and returning security deposits.

Get 6 weeks of rent default with an option to get up to 3 months of rent default for those with higher premiums.

Powerful marketing proposition during challenging times. Opportunity for incremental revenue.

More protection for property owners or managers who collect reduced security deposits.

Underwritten by an A-Rated Admitted Insurance carrier, backed by State Guaranty Funds. Non-admitted, surplus lines for those in New York, Washington, and Florida.

Insurance product, not a Surety Bond.

The Benefits Of Getting Deposit Plus+

Make sure your rental property is protected with Deposit Plus+.

Get 6 Weeks Of Rent Default Coverage With An Option To Get Up To 3 Months Coverage

This tenant-paid security deposit insurance gives you 50% more coverage in the event of a renter default. With this extra protection, you can rest easy knowing your investment is safe.

With a one-time premium that covers the duration of tenancy in that unit, you will get the following:

What Exactly Is Deposit Plus+?

Deposit Plus+ is a breakthrough insurance product that replaces a cash security deposit benefitting both tenant and property owner or manager.

This is a tenant-paid premium worth 25% of one month’s rent for the lifetime of that unit. Completely eliminates monthly or yearly payments, regardless of how long your tenant will be staying.

This is a new innovative way that offers security for your rental properties through cash security deposits.

It is an easy, worry-free solution protecting you from hassle and damage. Unlike traditional security deposit systems, Deposit Plus+ is a convenient, cost-effective solution that gives you the security and flexibility you need.

You'll have everything you need to keep your property in top condition while maximizing your profits.