Deposit Plus+ is a renter-paid security deposit alternative. Renters pay 25%* of one month’s rent- one time- for the life of the lease. Property owners receive 50% greater coverage against default and damages vs. a traditional cash deposit.




Rent is $1,500/month

Deposit Plus+ coverage is $2,250


Included with Deposit Plus+

$500 resident negligent damage

$300 towards utility default or eviction filing fees

$300 pet property damage


All within the limits of the policy.


*100% earned premium- Non-refundable.


Incremental Revenue with Deposit Plus+

Property owners may charge an Admin fee, at the property owner’s discretion, upon renewal per unit per year.


Benefits for Property Owners

  • Greater coverage than a traditional cash security deposit

  • No cost to property owners

  • Decreases admin time and money spent on maintaining security deposit accounts

  • Streamlined process and execution, i.e. sign-ups, claims and payments

  • Insurance company; not a surety bond- backed by States’ Guaranty Funds.

  • Powerful marketing tool in challenging markets

  • Lower security deposits attract a wider base of strong rental candidates- opens the door for qualified renters who have good jobs and can pay the rent, but may not have a lot of liquidity.

  • Simple move-out process- no haggling if the security deposit is returned or not.


Types of Communities That Use Deposit Plus+

Deposit Plus+ provides property owners with added protection for:

  • Apartment communities

  • Single family rental (SFR) homes

  • Student housing

  • Senior communities

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